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Australian Gold Coins

There are many options available to investors that would like to buy gold bullion, and coins offer a unique option that appeals to the collector as well as the investor. Jaggard’s is the official distributor for the Perth Mint, meaning we have a beautiful collection of bullion gold coins, bullion bars as well as silver and platinum bullion.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the friendly team at Jaggard's are eager to offer professional customer service and advice on how to buy gold bullion, how to sell your investments and any other information that you may be seeking. We are happy to help over the phone or here in our showroom in Sydney’s CBD and our products are always available for purchase directly from our website or in store.

Official Agents for The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint uses advanced technology and incredible design artistry in the minting of these beautiful 99.99% pure gold pieces. Every Australian gold coin has a guaranteed weight and purity thanks to its legal tender status. We also carry a comprehensive range of the internationally popular Sovereign and Half Sovereign coins at 91.67% purity.

With a range of sizes, weights and finishes available for purchase, Australian coins are an investment suited to every collector’s budget.

Jaggard’s is proud to carry the popular Lunar coin as well as the unique and internationally known Kangaroo Australian gold coins. Unlike other coins, the images change every year, making these pieces highly collectible. Your investment comes individually capsulated in protective plastic covers to protect the items from damage.

Visit our gold bullion coins product page for a full listing of our available Australian gold coins for purchase.

Your Source for Smart Investments

The friendly team at Jaggard’s are always eager to offer advice on investment strategies, including scarcer collectible pieces and how to buy gold bullion. Visit our products page for a full list of our available items and to buy gold bullion online, or feel free to come visit us at our showroom in Sydney.