Jaggards Rare Coin & Bullion Dealers

How to Sell

Whether you are interested in making a large or small transaction, Jaggard's always offers professional service that is informative, accurate and fair to the market value of your precious metals. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we know the business of buying and selling gold and silver bullion better than anyone else in Australia, and our reputation is testament to that.

Jaggard's buys gold bullion bars, silver bullion bars and Australian gold and silver coins as well as world and other precious metals in any form. We always buy gold in Sydney at the current market value and are happy to deal on any size transaction. We offer customers two convenient ways to sell your items:

Selling Your Precious Metals

When you bring your gold and silver bullion to our showroom in Sydney's CBD, we can easily and accurately assess its value and offer payment on the spot. We use professional scales and metal testers to give you a valuation that is 100% accurate and in line with the daily current market value of gold and silver bullion bars.

Alternatively, clients can choose to contact Jaggard's by phone to sell their precious metals. If you have an accurate description of the gold or silver bullion bars or coins you would like to sell, we can discuss an initial offer that will then be confirmed upon examination of your goods. Get in touch with us directly if you would like to discuss the option of shipping your precious metals to our Sydney location.

Expert Advice and Professional Service

Please note that it is a legal requirement for first time clients to provide 100 points of identification when selling gold or silver bullion, Australian gold and silver coins or other precious metals. Please feel free to call us or stop by our showroom for more information and advice on selling your gold and silver bars, coins and other items.